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Karen Hefford

Karen Hefford completed her Bachelor of Music in piano in 2012 at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  For her Undergraduate Thesis, Karen explored the role of music in the healing process through her involvement in the AUMI, a virtual musical instrument interface which allowed those with severe physical disabilities to participate independently in group music therapy improvisations. This was the impetus for her ongoing interest in the role of music in wellness, and her involvement in founding Marigold Sessions

Karen has also undergone studies in Ethnomusicology at both MUN and at UBC, focussing on the role that music plays in both spiritual and contemplative practices, as well as in advocacy.  These interests have lead her to many exciting musical opportunities, from living in Taizé Monastery in France studying chant, to promoting environmental advocacy through music as part of the Luke Wallace Band.  Currently, Karen is exploring these concepts as they relate to musical composition, with composer Janet Danielson. 

As a music educator, Karen has worked extensively with the Saint James Music Academy, a non-profit music academy for children based in the Downtown Eastside.  

As a keyboardist and vocalist, Karen has had the opportunity to play with Vancouver-based band Echo Nebraska, and in support of songwriter Noah Derksen and electronic artist Stacy Mack.