Katie and Karen are a duo from Vancouver, British Columbia, who focus primarily on playing the traditional folk music of North America.  With the combined power of an accordion, fiddle, guitar and two voices, they love tackling all types of traditional music. Their style is as diverse as the genre of folk; whether it be fiddle tunes, roots of blues, or traditional ballads, they love experimenting with instrumentation in order to find new and compelling ways to play old music.  Check out their latest videos here.   

They have just released their latest album entitled Settler’s Songs of the Pacific Northwest.  A culmination of research, original arrangements, and some original music, the album uses music as a medium to creatively tell one facet of the province’s history.  This project sparked their interest in the relationship between traditional music, place, and history; they are excited to spend the summer further exploring these connections as they travel across Canada to the East Coast, where the folk tradition is so deeply rooted. 

They are passionate about the positive role that music can play within the experience of illness, which prompted the founding of the Marigold Sessions, a project aimed at bringing music to those living in hospitals and hospices.